Clean the Nursery Before You Move Out

By blogger July 25, 2016
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Unfortunately, you could leave your rented property only after you have cleaned your entire rented property

And this type of after tenancy cleaning is unpleasant and annoying no matter whether you live by yourself, with a bunch of friends or with your big and noisy family. However, there is a single situation, when this clean-up turns out to be even more hated and stressful and this is when you have to move out with your little baby.

When you start planning the entire process then, a few questions instantly pop into your mind. And yeah, when you are living in a rented accommodation in London for some time, you most probably are used to the all the packing, unpacking, cleaning and transporting stuff.

But how are you supposed to prepare your house for an end of tenancy cleaning inspection, when you have a little baby, sleeping in the nursery?clean-1346683_640 How are you supposed to clean this room without failing at the very end and without losing all the money from the security deposit? Well, it is indeed possible. Keep reading and you will move out, while the little one is still sleeping and daydreaming.

Pack the small things

The nursery is surely a room full of things you do not use on a daily basis. So start packing these first. The clothes that are already too small for your kid and all those that are still too bug should go into boxes now. Then put the majority of toys in boxes together with all the frames and decorations. In a bag or a suitcase leave those things you need like nappies, clothes, bottles, food, etc. Pack them as if you are packing for a road trip or a vacation. Everything else prepare for the move out.

Take care of the huge stuff

Make sure that you will be able to schedule everything in a single day or two. Click To TweetThis means that you better have the end of tenancy cleaning and the inspection one right after the other. And you better move out from the old place and go into the new one in the same day. Thus you will be able to transport the furniture then and your kid won’t lose his nursery. And this will be your heaven. When you are done in the evening, you could simply go home, put the kids to bed and enjoy the loveliness of the new rented house.

Find a cleaning team

For such cases you need a team that is responsible, a team you can trust and rely on. So make a proper research and find the very best in the industry. Also make sure that this cleaning team is working in your area. Arrange an appointment in advance so that you could be sure that everything will be alright. And I could guarantee you that an expert team could cope with any kind of mess and grime in a minimal amount of time with a great success.

I strongly recommend the SYK Cleaning Team in London, which gives the best move out cleaning for the very best prices! Click here for more info about the SYK cleaning team.

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