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Clean the Nursery Before You Move Out

by blogger July 25, 2016

Unfortunately, you could leave your rented property only after you have cleaned your entire rented property

And this type of after tenancy cleaning is unpleasant and annoying no matter whether you live by yourself, with a bunch of friends or with your big and noisy family. However, there is a single situation, when this clean-up turns out to be even more hated and stressful and this is when you have to move out with your little baby.

When you start planning the entire process then, a few questions instantly pop into your mind. And yeah, when you are living in a rented accommodation in London for some time, you most probably are used to the all the packing, unpacking, cleaning and transporting stuff.

Find a cleaning team

For such cases you need a team that is responsible, a team you can trust and rely on. So make a proper research and find the very best in the industry. Also make sure that this cleaning team is working in your area. Arrange an appointment in advance so that you could be sure that everything will be alright. And I could guarantee you that an expert team could cope with any kind of mess and grime in a minimal amount of time with a great success….

I strongly recommend the SYK Cleaning Team in London, which gives the best move out cleaning for the very best prices! Click here for more info about the SYK cleaning team.

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My First Summer on Halkidiki

by blogger July 25, 2016

After the three-hour flight, I get off the plane and with a luggage full of summer clothes, bathing suits, sunglasses and lovely books, I made my way through the crowd and found the man, who was waiting for us. To be honest, I had no high expectations. Yeah, I have heard that Greece is so charming and tranquil, but I didn’t really imagine what could be so superb in a single country. The highway we are travelling on transformed soon in a small road, which was going right next to the sea. Within an hour we were in the room, changing clothes and preparing ourselves for the beach. And the moment I stepped on the boiling hot sand, was the moment I fell in love with Greece.

The view was breathtaking. santorini-1062809_640Those endless beach was simply perfect. The sea was so simply blue, the wind could be felt in the salty air and in my hair. And I looked around I could not see anything else. Lying on a lounge, desiring, enjoying a cold frappe coffee, reading a magazine, a book, writing in my diary, I was not thinking even for a second about anything from back at home. The everydayness does not exist here. In Greece time has a different dimension. It loses its great importance. The mornings get lovelier, the breakfast is delicious, the lunch is just around the corner and any time you are at the beach, with no make-up, no cell phone and no to-do list. The nights are cooler. The lights of the boats and ships and the starry sky makes you wander. The Greek Salad, the magnificent sea food you could not try anywhere else, the bottle of wine and the tasty white bread make every dinner festive. And once you have touched all these, you cannot simply leave. My first summer in Halkidiki led to many more I spent in my lovely house there. Tranquillity and perfection.

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